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Secondary anxiety (adolescents): Facing fears and challenges

This is the main manual to be used individually, with young people experiencing anxiety in secondary school. The supplements may support struggles in particular areas alongside this main approach.

To be used alongside CWP/EMHP training at KCL.

*NB This manual has recently been updated with minor changes (i.e. not the main content or approach). Trainees from January 2024 will be taught to this manual.

Main changes are:

1. Separating ‘mind’ and behavioural responses in the behaviours box in the typical example (thoughts-feelings-behaviour) in particular to identify worry and/or thought stopping as a common response

2. Including telling the difference between problems and fears as a key part of psycho-education in session 1 with the rest of anxiety psycho-education, in order to support the practitioner and the young person to tell the difference and use different approaches

Also provided is a word document version of the thoughts-feelings-behaviour formulation, thanks to Rebecca Maharaj